Obscure Delights

On the left is a snapshot of some the more obscure luxuries showcased at the Billion Dollar Party.
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Shown below is a brief snapshot of the continually updated gallery of featured products. While it isn’t a comprehensive listing of all luxuries showcased at the Billion Dollar Party, it will display some of the hottest.  Visit the featured gallery here…

Obscure Delights

Shown below is a snapshot of some the more obscure luxuries showcased at the Billion Dollar Party.
Visit the gallery here…

Mission Statement

By taking a glimpse into uncommon areas of society, uncommon insights can be found to enrich and empower ongoing social innovations. The goal of the Billion Dollar Party is to offer a portal where everyday individuals such as students, professors, and professionals can come to acquire fresh insight and exchange ideas through a public forum to help spur along endeavors into new territories. If you’ve received an “Aha” moment as a result of your visit please contribute to the community by engaging in discussion at the bottom of one of the luxury listing pages. Thank you for your continued interest in being a part of the Billion Dollar Party.

Exotic Luxuries by Category

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Gourmet Foods



Liquors and Spirits


Futuristic Inventions



Above is a list of the continually updated categories found at the Billion Dollar Party.
Which one will catch the attention of your friends and family?


As you browse through the site, be sure to take mental notes of the luxuries that were most inspiring to you. It would be great if you could leave a few comments in the discussion segments at the bottom of those pages so the community can benefit from your ideas as well.


Research can take on many shapes and forms. Some methods can be daunting while others extremely enjoyable. This portal has been created to make the process of researching obscure, cutting-edge, and extremely expensive innovations as fun as possible. Who knows what inspiration will come as a result of the next visit?


The Billion Dollar Party truly is a place for people to come together and interact. Whether it be discussing an exotic luxury or suggesting a new category for inclusion, the portal offers many channels for engagement.